Saturday, July 14, 2007

Camp Winshape

Hey guys, I just got back from camp with David and Josiah. It was a blast! This year David went for two sessions and was "tapped out" twice for the Little Chief test. What this means is he was chosen to take a test that if accomplished, it is a great Honor. Only 117 guys have ever made it. I was in my first year in SR camp and I was able to do the low and high ropes (which are amazing). Josiah has reached the rank of Warrior, which is the highest rank an Apache can get. Saturday, Josiah turned 10. "It feels weird!" he said. Next year I will be eligible to take the Little Chief test.Talk to you later.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Barn, Barn, Barn.

To all the people who have been asking about the barn, we have finished the second floor and are ready to begin the sideing. We are paying for it as it comes, and things take time. I don't have any updated photos but I will get some as soon as possible.

Whats been happin'n

Well guys, I'm kinda new to this so bear with me. At the beginning of the school year Josiah started going to Cooper Elementary and he really loves it! I have been going to Masters Academy. Its like a home-school co-op group. David has been doing the same thing, just at a different place, Heritage Academy. Mary Helen has been taking classes at Perimeter College and in the fall will leave us to go to Piedmont College. She has also been working at Chick-Fil-A in Snellville.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This Summer!!

Ok Mary Helen. Hey guys I thought I would tell you alittle about what we are doing this summer. David left last sunday to Camp Winshape for a month. Josiah and I are going
the first two weeks of July. Come labor day, we will be going to the Registers for a couple
of days.

fresh start

looks like its been a while since we updated this...hmm. life is ever changing and new, and hopefully we will be better about keeping up with sharing it with the rest of you. noah is my right hand computer man, and I'm sure he'll have this blogger thing all figured out in no time. ;) your turn dude!


Saturday, September 16, 2006

More Metal on the Barn

Last weekend, Ken was able to get some more metal on the 2nd tier of the roof of the barn.

Each piece had to be placed and bolted down one at a time.

Here is a view from the end of our house that is closest to our treehouse.

This is a view from the back side of the barn. The metal placement nearly complete.

I'm always thankful when a day's work has ended and NO ONE has fallen off the barn or hurt themselves with a power tool. Praise the Lord! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Josiah Snow Cones

Last year for Josiah's birthday, Br. Steven Starling gave Josiah a gift that ALL little kids hope to have at some point...a snow cone machine!

Because of the "messy" factor, he only gets to take it out and make snow cones on special occassions. Last Saturday night, since we were having company for dinner, Josiah was allowed to "set up" and make snow cones for everyone.

Here is Noah evaluating all of the flavor choices.

All of the Halbgewachs family enjoyed their "made to order" snow cones. Stephen even came back for seconds. Woo Hoo! :-)

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Monday, September 11, 2006

College Decision Completed

The decision has finally been made...Mary Helen has officially chosen THE college where she'd like to spend the next phase of her life (starting in August 2007).

And the WINNER is..........Piedmont College

Piedmont College is located in Demorest, GA. It is about 1 1/2 hours from home...far enough, but not too far. :-)

Mary Helen's college search has been long and involved MANY traveled miles and more than a few nights in hotel rooms. Mary Helen looked into the following colleges:

Lee University
Shorter College
Florida State University
Carson Newman College
Brewton Parker College
University of Georgia
University of Alabama
Tennessee Tech
Columbus State University
Georgia State University
Piedmont College

Piedmont College had not been on her "radar" screen at all, but after seeing a former Atlanta Youth Choir singer, Jennifer Babel, at the Georgia Music Educators Association's conference last January, Mary Helen decided to go and look at Piedmont. Jennifer is at Piedmont studying the same course work that MH plans to study. Mary Helen's goal is to be a high school or middle school choral conductor.

Anyway, we managed to visit the campus for the first time back in late April. After touring the campus, sitting in on a rehearsal of their top choir, Chamber Singers, and having a long interview with the chair of the music department, Dr. Wally Hinson, Mary Helen and I walked back out to our car. As we walked, she said.."Mom, I think this might be THE place...this might be the right college for me." I held my breath and said a prayer as I walked. She had been so convinced that two other colleges had been "right" for her, and in each case major red flags had gone up shortly after our visits to them that told her that those colleges were not the right ones for her. She was almost scared to think that this college, the one we'd not even considered visiting until doing so out of politeness to a choral friend, could possibly be the place where she would find what she was looking for in a campus and choral program.

Mary Helen found herself praying about the decision and having further discussions with Dr. Hinson. Then she went away to camp for 9 weeks. Upon her return, she was content in her heart that Piedmont was the right place.

Shortly after returning from camp, Dr. Hinson surprised us with an email stating that he'd hoped MH was still interested in Piedmont. At his invitation, Mary Helen and I returned to the Piedmont campus last Wednesday. Mary Helen sat in on 2 classes and another Chamber Singers' rehearsal. We also had the opportunity to go to lunch with Dr. Hinson. Mary Helen was pleased with all that she saw and heard. I, too, was very happy with everything. I especially like Dr. Hinson and think that he will play a key role in Mary Helen's life and learning for the next 5 years.

Our last stop of the day was the campus bookstore, where we OF COURSE had to buy an official Piedmont sweatshirt!

I'm so thankful to have this search completed. Mary Helen's application is submitted and we await word on scholarship opportunities.

Here are two pictures from our day. The first one is MH and Jennifer Babel. Jennifer will be there for MH's freshman year. I think she'll be a great asset for MH.

This is Dr. Wallace Hinson and MH. I'm sure this is the first of many photos I'll take of them over the next 5 years.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Camp Register 2006

Many, many years ago, there were a group of guys that all found themselves as freshmen at Oxford College in Covington, Georgia. Most of these young men moved on to Emory University in Atlanta and continued to be friends and roommates.

Over the years, Ashley Register (in the center of this picture), has managed to keep all of these guys in touch. Ashley and his wife, Laura, have a beautiful place down in Cairo, Georgia, and they are generous enough to have an annual gathering of the old roommates and their families. Although there are more of the old guys than are pictured (sorry guys...LOL), these are the former Oxfordites that were able to make it to Camp Register for this year's function.

Here are these same fine fellows pictured with their wives...

AND, here is a picture of the guys, their wives, their children....and a few extra friends and family that belong to Laura and Ashley. This group was gathered for swimming and a fish fry on Sunday evening.

There were three of us taking all of the pictures of this incredible weekend. Between us, we managed to take over 600 photos! How in the world do I choose a few of them to share here??
I will do my best to share pictures through a series of blog entries since Picasa only allows me to show 4 per entry. Enjoy! Posted by Picasa

Goin' on a trail ride....

Saturday morning started with a trail ride for all who were interested..

Anyone who did not want to ride their own horse was able to take a ride in the horse drawn buggy.

This picture was taken from "house side" of the lake right before the horses and riders disappeared into the woods.
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Dock house

A lot of the pictures I have to share are taken on/from the dock house, so here is a picture to help your eyes get oriented to other shots. Although you can't see it in this picture, the Register's home is behind the trees that are right behind this dock house. The downstairs part of this structure is screened in and has a complete kitchen.

This is the dock house from the front yard of the house.

Noah turned many a flip off this diving board.

The paddle boat provided great exercise and a way to tour the entire pond (really LARGE pond).
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More boating

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Diving Board Fun

I chose to take my swim after the sun went I am right before my big plunge. Posted by Picasa

Float time

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Everybody smile!

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random few

These will be the last posting of the Camp Register weekend.

Love this one of Josiah as Aqua Man...

Mary Helen WON the prize by figuring out this puzzle. No kidding, it's one of those things that comes all unfolded and you have to make it into a perfect square. She studied on it for hours, dreamed about it Saturday night, then successfully made it into a perfect square on Sunday afternoon. Very cool!

Deep contemplation as to which horse he should select for a ride...

Can't we just stay here forever, mom???

Indeed, if we could just pack up and move to Camp Register, I WOULD! But short of that fantasy coming true, I'll be thankful for our yearly trip and opportunity to visit and enjoy a little piece of heaven on earth in Cairo, Georgia. Many thanks again to Ashley and Laura Register! See ya next year. Posted by Picasa