Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mary Helen makes contact!

I was quite excited to hear from Mary Helen today. She sent an email asking me to mail her two items she forgot to carry with her. She said she is having a great time! She posted a short update on her blog, . Hopefully she write more this weekend and maybe even post a picture.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers for her. Although I miss her terribly, I'm so happy for her to be having this experience.

Home grown rope climbing

Noah and Josiah have discovered a great way to have fun when Daddy is not using his pulley to life heavy lumber. Safely strapped into special gear, the boys have spent all day cranking themselves up to the barn's second floor. It has actually been great exercise for both of them.

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First sign of a roof

This is the first work on the barn's roof. After all the roof rafters are in place, Ken will cover it all with a tarp and wait for finances to purchase the metal roofing.

Grandpa and Grandma drove down in the golf cart to see what great work their sons were doing.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Lots of barn help today

Given that today was a holiday from "work"...Ken, Tim, Callie, David, Brandon (young man from church), Noah, and Josiah all did the next "best" thing...worked on Ken's barn. :-)

The morning started with Ken making notches for more header beams (I think that is what you call them). I was a little nervous during the time he was perched on the ladder way up there.

It wasn't long before all of his "help" was gathered around doing whatever was needed. I will say that Noah and Josiah were gophers more than anything else.

I took this picture so that anyone who has not been to our house lately can see where the barn is sitting in perspective of our house. It is going up RIGHT WHERE my luxury pool was SUPPOSED to go! HAHA...just kidding.

I have some pretty tired fellas about to come inside for baths and supper. I know they will all sleep well tonight. If the work didn't make them exhausted, today's heat surely was 90 degrees here today.

Thank you Lord that no injuries were sustained during today's work on the barn. Posted by Picasa

New Chicks

Since the recent loss of some of the hens and a rooster, Ken and the boys set out to hatch some new chicks. Finally, after 4 weeks of incubation, some of the eggs have cracked open and new baby chicks have emerged (about 18 of them). They are currently in the "adorable, fit in the palm of your hand" stage. It won't be long, though, and they'll be too large for this small cage. Noah and Josiah love this time when you can hold the baby chicks and pet their fluffiness. It is really amazing watching the chicks grow...I'll try to post pictures along the way.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mary Helen's Summer Adventure Begins

Mary Helen has officially left home for 9 weeks. She will be at Camp WinShape all summer as a counselor. Camp WinShape is located on the backside of the Berry Campus in Rome, GA. She is going to have a fabulous summer, and she is going to work very hard. Although I know that is going to be a wonderful experience for her, it was very hard to hug her neck and watch her drive off towards Rome.

One last Daddy hug...

And one last Momma hug...

Many thanks to Jeremy Halbgewachs who helped Mary Helen get ALLLL of her stuff loaded into her van and delivered safely to the Camp WinShape campus.

Dont' forget, you can check on her summer adventure at her blog: .

Now I have three weeks to get the boys prepared for their own camp adventure. We drive them to WinShape on Sunday, June 18th. We should be able to see MH for a few minutes on that least long enough to hug her neck. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Time in the dark

Today was a pretty busy day. Mary Helen spent most of the day running errands and seeing the orthodontist. She is *nearly* all packed and ready to head to camp. I spent most of my day working on AYC online picture albums and doing some other AYC media relations stuff. The boys spent a good deal of the day taking care of outside chores and helping Ken in various ways.

Just as the afternoon was winding down, the weather outside decided to wind up. In a matter of minutes, it was completely dark outside and it began to rain and hail. After about 30 minutes of an intense storm, all of our power was gone in an instant....right in the middle of a batch of Snickerdoodles in the oven. I had not yet placed the chicken pie into the oven that was to be the main part of supper.

After the storm passed, Ken took the boys outside to assess the damage. There was actually a good bit of fallen debris, including trees down on the fence in several places.

Since our supper never made it to the oven, I made a run to Wendy's for an alternate plan for a meal. After supper was over, Mary Helen, Noah, and Josiah struck out to play board games by lantern light. They were having such a good time, that it was almost disappointing when the power came back on about 10:15pm.

I'm so thankful for electricity! And I'm thankful for the occassional power outage that reminds us how wonderful electric power really is! The time in the dark also allows us to enjoy each other beyond the computer, tv, radio, etc...

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Funky hair and Shiloh Goodbyes

After supper last night, David asked Ken to give him a haircut before we left for Wednesday night Bible Study. I heard the two of them head down to Ken's office, I heard the vacuum clippers turn on and then off, and I saw David return from the basement with his ballcap on his head. We all jumped into the car and headed to church. I had no idea the "cut" that Ken had given to David. It was not until we arrived at church and went inside the building that David removed his hat and revealed his new "doo".

Sister Gail and I were not as happy to see Ken's "art work" as everyone else was! Ken reminded us..."It's Just Hair"!

After services, we had cake and ice cream to celebrate the end of the school year and to give everyone a chance to tell Mary Helen "good bye" for the summer. Pictured here, from left to right, are David Bacon, Gail Moore-Huie, Annette Bacon, and Ken.

Some of Shiloh's teenagers giving a group hug to Mary Helen. She leaves Saturday and will be gone for 9 weeks. May God bless her to have a wonderful summer! Pictured here, from left to right, are Brandon Bacon, Chelsey Bacon, Chrissie Woodard, Cori Moore, David, and Mary Helen.

All of the smaller children were outside running around in the dark by the time I was taking pictures. I'll try to get a picture of all of the other children this weekend to post here.

I can't really tell you how wierd it's going to be at Shiloh without Mary Helen for 9 Sundays in a row. Even when she goes to college, it won't be that many consecutive Sundays that she won't be at Shiloh. I'm so glad I'll have her summer blog through which to keep up with her and how she is doing! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

David's last day of government school

David has been attending government school since January. Today was his last day. Each morning, Mary Helen has given him a ride to school (the middle school is only 1.5 miles from our home). He was glad that today was his last day.

Here is David telling his bus driver (he has ridden the bus home from school most days since January) thank you and have a good summer.

Although you can't see it, David is smiling knowing that this was his last ride on the school bus.

It has been a very strange experience having a school bus stopping at our driveway since January. The entire government school experience has been very interesting...both positive and negative. David has come to realize, on his own, that government school is not the "wonderland" he thought it would be. He did make some friends and he was blessed with good teachers while there. He will attend Heritage Classical Academy next year, and prayerfully, it will be a good time of learning for David. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sweet Revenge on the farm

For several years now, we have been blessed to have chickens and fresh eggs. Twice during that time, our chickens have been attacked by foxes and racoons. Most recently, in broad daylight, an unknown number of foxes killed 6 of our hens and our only good rooster. Since that time, Ken has had to keep the remaining chickens in the coop 24 hours a day, and Ken has been watching for the foxes to return.

Well.....this evening, after supper, the foxes were spotted. Ken quickly grabbed his shotgun and was able to take out 3 of them. Two more we will have to continue the watch.

When I asked Ken to pose for this picture, he smiled one of the biggest grins I've ever seen on him and said he was glad for me to catch this one on camera. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 22, 2006

The end of an era

After nine years singing with the Atlanta Youth Choir, Mary Helen sang with the group for the last time as an official singer on Saturday, May 20, 2006. She and the other singers in Cantemus and Camerata choirs of the AYC performed at an arts festival in Duluth and then again at the Borders Bookstore in Snellville. This particular picture was a song that featured David with a solo.

Life will be different without her singing with AYC next year. A new phase of life begins.... Posted by Picasa

Quick update on the Still kids

Mary Helen graduated from high school on May 4, 2006. She is packing all of her "goods" and heading to Camp WinShape in Rome, Georgia to spend the summer as a camp counselor. This outfit is her "South of the Border" costume for a special event at camp. She will be gone for nine weeks. You can keep up with her summer story at her blog site,

David is 13 and completing the 7th grade. He is helping Ken build the barn. David will be at Camp Winshape for 4 weeks this summer. He can hardly wait!

Noah is 11. He spends his days helping Ken with the barn and the chickens. I'll post pictures of Noah with his chickens soon.

Josiah will be 9 in July. He is still the apple of his Hunny's eye (Hunny is what he calls Mary Helen). Josiah just completed his first year with the Atlanta Youth Choir. He waited his WHOLE life to be a singer and not just an audience member.

There is much more that could be said about each of our wonderful children, but this is a quick snapshot of each of them.

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Ken's Barn

As most of Ken's family and friends know, Ken has desired to build a barn in our backyard for MANY years. Slowly, but surely, this dream of his is finally coming true. He has been working on it since last summer, taking on one portion of it at a time. As of today, the decking for the second floor is completed. As new progress takes place, we'll post more. Posted by Picasa

Still Family April 2006

After reading the blogs of various family and friends, I thought it would be nice to have one for our own family. Soooo, here goes!

This picture was taken on April 16, 2006 before heading to church. I hope to blog regularly and let you all see "snapshots" of our lives as we attempt to enjoy life one day at a time.

Until the next post,
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