Friday, July 28, 2006

Singing School in Chattanooga

July 26-28 found 14 of us Shiloh Folks attending singing school at Chattanooga Primitive Baptist Church. Br. Tim Cannon was the instructor. The school was well attended and MUCH fun! I took way to many pictures to share, but I am posting a few group shots and then a few singing shots on other posts.

Here is the Shiloh crew having breakfast EARLY on Wednesday morning as we head to Chattanooga.

Br. Tim and Sis. Emily are in the center of this picture with all of the attending children.

Shiloh's group of 14...3 adults and 11 was quite an adventure!

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More Singing School Shots

Brother Tim teaching the different solfege (do-re-mi, etc) hand signs.

Brother Tim uses various techniques to teach children and adults different components of music and singing.

After some basics have been covered, everyone breaks into voice part sections for the singing of hymns. We apply what we've learned to the reading of the song scores.

My favorite part of Br. Tim's singing schools is the way he gets down on the floor with even the smallest children and helps them "feel" music.

Little Zach Huffman is in the center of this picture. He provided all manner of entertainment throughout the three days of school.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

See Rock City!

Each day during the singing school afternoon break, we took our crowd to do something special. On Day 2, we went to "See Rock City". Michele Autry and her children joined us for the adventure.

Brother Steve with the Woodard girls, Chrisie, Alison, and Sarah.

LOOK! I'm in a picture! Thanks for taking this one Gail.

Brother Steve and I could not resist this shot...Look REAL closely and you'll see the sign that is posted for this tight passage, "Fat Man Squeeze". The great news is that Steve is NO longer to large to fit through this passage! Whoo Hoo! He has lost nearly 70 pounds.

We can now all say that we have SEEN Rock City. It was a lot of fun...although a hot and sticky day. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Noah gets a banjo!

Noah has been asking about learning to play a banjo for nearly a year. Today, the first part of his journey took place. Ken took him to a banjo specialty store in Marietta and his Gold Tune Banjo was purchased.

Now, we must see about lessons. Hopefully, Dane Hildreth (master young banjo player) will be able to help Noah learn his initial basics.

Although his expression here is calm, he arrived home beyond thrilled that his Daddy made this wonderful purchase for him. May Noah be blessed to learn this instrument and share the talent with others.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lake Pictures Now Posted

Be sure to scroll down to the July 15th postings that I've uploaded today. There are 6 different posts from that day so that I could get plenty of water fun pictures on display.

Dallas PBC's Annual July Meeting

Noah, Josiah, and I were blessed to attend the annual summer meeting for the Dallas Primitive Baptist Church (Dallas, GA) this weekend. We spent the night with the Halbgewachs family on Friday night so that we could attend services on both Friday and Saturday. Here are a few pictures that were taken mostly between services.

Brothers enjoying some singing together.

Jeremy is a novice backgammon player...sooo, Josiah was able to beat him. Josiah was thrilled, of course.

Here I am with a few of the sisters of Dallas PBC. Jeremy's mother, Elaine, is second from the left in the picture. All three of these ladies cooked up a storm to feed everyone. The food was delicious!

I couldn't resist taking this picture of Noah, Josiah, and Jeremy leading the song service together.

Many thanks to the membership at Dallas PBC and to the Halbgewachs family for a blessed weekend. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Surprise visit with a good buddy!

Our membership decided to carry our Wednesday evening church service to Shoal Creek PBC in Newborn tonight because Elder Lasserre Bradley, Jr. was preaching a series of special services. Elder Bradley is the grandfather of one of Josiah's favorite buddies. We were thrilled and surprised to find that Elder Bradley had brought his grandson, William, with him on this preaching trip. Josiah and William very much enjoyed visiting with one another even if it was only for a couple of hours.

Our family usually gets to make a week long trip to William's house in Ohio during the summer. Because Mary Helen has been gone all summer, we did not get to make our annual trip. :-(

Hopefully, we will get to make our Ohio visit next spring or summer.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Swimming at the Godbey's and Corn from the Pucketts

Of course with summer time comes swimming time. Since we don't own a swimming pool or pond (Ken is currently building a barn on what would have been a perfect pool site), we must visit our friends that do own pools. :-)

This afternoon, Gail and I took the Still boys, the Moore-Huie girls, and the Woodard girls to Tom and Mary Godbey's pool. Much fun was had by all!

Chicken Fight time!

This evening we were blessed to receive farm fresh corn on the cob from Wiley and Betty Puckett. All we had to do was shuck it! The boys will eat it all for lunch tomorrow I'm sure!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Josiah's Lake Adventure

Josiah had a blast at the lake swimming, skiing, eating, and skipping rocks.

Stephen bought special skis so that Josiah could make a real attempt at skiing. Jeremy patiently helped Josiah get strapped into the skis and up out of the water.

After several hours of playing and watching others do their own tricks, the sunshine got to Josiah and he drifted off to sleep.

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Noah's Lake Adventure

Noah had a full day of skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. He was thrilled with his "on water" success!

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David's Lake Adventure

David was VERY pleased with all of the fun he had at the lake with the Halbgewachs family. He out-skied all of us, taking on fancy turns, jumping the boat wakes, and leaning over to touch the water while holding on to the rope with only one hand.

He did get a little frustrated with the wakeboard. He was not able to "get up" on the wakeboard like Noah was.

Overall, though, David had a wonderful day and can hardly wait to be invited back again.

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Jeremy and Stephen show us how to wakeboard

If you have NEVER tried to wakeboard before, then these pictures won't mean much to you. I had no idea how hard wakeboarding was until I tried it on this day. After 3 attempts, I had to give up. I was exhausted from the attempts. Noah had about 20 seconds of success. David was like me and could not get up at all.

So when Jeremy and Stephen took their turns and made it look so easy....I had a newfound respect for both of them!

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Ken's Lake Adventure

Ken calculates that it has been about 20 years since he last attempted to ski. Although he gave it a good effort, this picture shows how far out of the water he actually got. Brother Victor was somewhat relieved. Since Ken could not get up on the skis, Victor did not feel the peer pressure to attempt to "do it too". LOL

What Ken discovered that he really liked was the tubing! Still photographs can not do justice to how much fun he had in this water activity.

The tubing looked like so much fun, I had to give it a try with Ken. We laughed so hard my sides were aching!

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Carolyn's Lake Adventure

Although I did a smidge of skiing last summer at the Register's house in Cairo, that skiing was behind a jet ski, and I had a very difficult time of it. I was both nervous and excited about trying it again today.

As patient as EVER, Jeremy helped me get on the skis and talked me through remembering how to get out of the water and stay upright. LOL

This picture is just before Stephen hit the gas pedal....

LOOK!! I did it! WOO HOO!! Except for the flabby thighs, I felt like I was 16 again!

Going tubing with my sweetie was way much fun!

Oh MY WORD! I was laughing so hard while trying to keep my grip on the tube! You can not underestimate the power of having fun like a little kid.

I rediscovered how much I love skiing! I so hope to have the opportunity to ski at least one more time this summer. Many, many thanks to Stephen Halbgewachs for taking us to the lake and just as many thanks to Jeremy Halbgewachs for patiently helping each of us achieve some success on the water. He was left most of the day in the wake of the boat just treading water as each of us made our attempts at the different tricks. He was a great guy about it! Posted by Picasa