Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Six Flags Adventure 2006

On Saturday, August 26th, a group of 14 of us spent the day at Six Flags. The Cagles had initiated the idea and obtained tickets at a really good discount...so we couldn't resist. Here are some random pictures from the day.

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More Six Flags Photos

Here are a few more random shots from the day...ultimate silliness!

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Flyin' High

Ok, so, ever since giving birth to Mary Helen over 17 years ago, I have not been able to handle roller coaster rides very well at all! Trips to places like Six Flags and Kings Island have become mostly about watching everyone else enjoy the coasters. I usually get to ride two rides and then the nausea and headache set in. I've come to accept the situation and still have a good time.

In recent years, I've discovered something at amusement parks that I CAN do without getting sick feeling. I first made this realization several years ago when at Kings Island in Ohio with the Tomlinson Family. On that day, Mary Helen, Br. Lyle, and I became brave enough to free fall from a VERY tall bungee jump/swing located at the edge of the park. It was exhilerating! I'd never felt anything like the sense of flying that I felt on that day.

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to enjoy that sensation again! After having watched a number of people take on the bungee jump during our day at Six Flags, I decided since I could not ride the coasters "well", I'd like to take on the "jump" again. Jeremy and Stephen were game to do it with me, so we got a reservation and came back an hour later to have our high flyin' thrill.

Mary Helen was assigned to take pictures, but since it was about 8:30pm when we were taking our "ride", the sun was on its way down and the pictures did not turn out very well. But, here they are anyway. :-)

This first picture is simply a picture of the arched structure from which we were hoisted way up into the air. You can see the Scream Machine roller coaster down below the arch. We were lifted up by wires on the right side of the arch.

Here we are right before going to get strapped into the flying gear.

Here we are in our "monkey suits" that are used to attach the wires and such.
Mary Helen was up on an observation deck when she took this shot.

Although she took a number of shots, most of them are too dark to even see us...this shot is when we were towards the bottom of the fall/swing.
I'll always cherish the memory of flyin' high with the Halbgewachs boys!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mary Helen's Meals

Mary Helen continues to make interesting meals for Monday evenings. I'm going to let her write the descriptions for these dishes.

Hiya! Okay..these meals definitely demand a little explanation. First of all, as some of you may know, I'm a bit of a fan of odd holidays like "Dance A Polka Day", "Chinese Valentine's Day", "UFO Awareness Day", and lets not forget today - "National Spongecake Day." Actually, quite a few of the odd holidays I find have something to do with food. So I figured I'd dedicate my Monday night meals to these unknown and sadly uncelebrated holidays.

Monday, August 14 was Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday, so naturally there had to be some blood and a bit of mystery in my meal. Thus, my family discovered poor meatloaf men murdered on their plates...quite the whodunit, don't you think? lol Okay, so maybe it sounds a bit morbid, but hey, it tasted good!

Monday, August 21 was the anniversary of the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911. Somehow it ended up on my lasanga.....

The 21st was also "National Spumoni Day" so in honor of the occasion I made this classic Italian dessert. It was actually quite a bit better than I'd thought it would be!

Now, back to my mother...

Special Note: According to my blogspot, this is my 100th post. I can hardly believe I've posted 100 times since April. WOW! What Fun!

Flowers for Momma

Mary Helen did something very sweet today...she brought me flowers...JUST BECAUSE! She came walking in from her first day of her first college class and presented with me a lovely bouquet and said, "Just because I love you!"

Can't beat that for a special unexpected treat, can ya?

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How I LOVE Sister Ruth!

I just came across this picture from singing school that had been left out of my previous post. David took this picture with my little digital camera, and I have not downloaded pictures from it in a while, so I forgot that this picture was even on that camera.

This is Sister Ruth Huffman from Ringgold, GA. (For PB Gals reading my blog, she is Joanna Skiles' grandmother). She is a precious sister in Christ. I adore Sister Ruth and always enjoy time spent with her!

I truly hope to have her spunk when I am her age.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Crazy Girl!

Look! Her tongue almost matches her shirt! LOL

This picture is proof that Mary Helen Still came home from Camp WinShape more childlike than when she left home in May. She definitely rediscovered the "little girl" inside herself during her 9 weeks of camp adventures.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fellowship after church

Generally speaking, after Wednesday night services, everyone hangs out and visits for a while. Sometimes we bring a snack..and this week the treat was ice cold push pops.

We were blessed by several visitors this week including Jerry Wiggins, Tom, Sophie, and Tommy Godbey, and Bryan Woodard and his girls.

Look at Br. Steven in this picture! He's lost 78 pounds and counting! Woo!Woo!

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Big David and Little Luke

I could not resist taking this picture last Sunday at church. We at Shiloh were thrilled to see the Meredith family come through the doors with their newest bundle of joy!

This picture is of Brother David Bacon holding little Luke Steven Meredith after Luke's first service at Shiloh. Luke is already a tiny baby...and he looked so precious in Br. David's strong arms. Brother David and Sister Annette will become grandparents this fall, so David was completely enjoying thinking about what it will be like when he gets to hold his own grandbaby.

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Goats On The Roof?!

Right about supper time, Ken came into the house and said he'd just seen something he'd never seen before...goats were on the roof of the old barn used by the goats for shelter during the winter. This old barn is in our front pasture. Ken said, "You gotta see this!"

So, of course, I grabbed my camera and headed out the front door.

In order to see how the goats got on top of the barn, I walked around to the front.
There is a second roof that is low..and at the edge of that roof, there is a stack of metal that is just tall enough for the goats to access jumping onto the low roof.

Here are the goats making their escape back down to the ground as Josiah hollered at them to get down.

Ken will have to move that pile of metal so that the goats don't continue to get on top of this barn. Although it was funny to see, it is dangerous for both the goats and the roof.

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Barn Update!

I've received several requests for a barn update...so here ya go. :-)

Ken had good weather to work on the barn during his vacation last week. He and the boys worked most every day from sun up to sun down. The work accomplished consisted of putting the second roof on each side of the barn. Ken calls the roof in this picture a "hip roof". That is actually an architectural term..not Ken bragging on his roof! LOL

After getting the roofs on both sides to a certain point, Ken had to cover them up with tarps to protect the wood until the metal can be ordered and installed.

This is a view from the "far side" of the barn.

This is a view from one of the ends. The big space in the upper middle is where I will be storing everything that is currently in our basement. Yahoo!

Slow but steady, the barn work is coming along. When I ask Ken to predict when it might all be completed...he laughs and says "eventually". Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

Noah's First Shave

For quite a while, Noah has had a smidge of dark fuzz on his upper lip. For whatever reason, it has begun to "bother" him. :-)

Tonight, Noah asked Ken to show him how to shave his face. Noah watched very carefully as Ken demonstrated how he shaves everyday.

Next, it was Noah's turn. He lathered up his face and began to slowly take the razor across his face. He did a fine job! My "little Noah" is quickly becoming my "young man Noah".

He finished up with a gentle rinse and pat dry. He seemed satisfied with knowing how the process works.

Of course, during this whole thing, Josiah was begging for Ken to teach him TOOOO! "Your day is comin' " was Ken's reply. Josiah was not happy with that, but he did know better than to press the issue any more today. With Josiah being 9 now, we only have 9 more years until all of our children are legally adults. WOW! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 13, 2006

David's Other Mother

For anyone who has not met her, this is David's "other mother", Sister Gail Moore-Huie. She loves David like only a mother can...and then some. David and Gail have a very special relationship. Gail is a very dear friend to me, and I am thankful she can be such a great friend to David as well.

She and I will both be the "blubbering idiots" when David marries someday and has another female in his life more important than either of us.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Evening On The Town

Our dear friend, Steven Starling, is the current president of the Gwinnett Historical Society . Steven was thoughtful enough to invite Ken, Mary Helen, David, and myself to attend the GHS's Annual Gala event at the historic courthouse in downtown Lawrenceville.

The evening was full of food, friends, orchestra music, and dancing. Mary Helen and Ken completely enjoyed dancing together. Mary Helen said to me, "My daddy can really cut a rug!"

David is also a good dancer, like his daddy. I, on the other hand, am not so good at it..but I did TRY!

Here are the four of us. Mary Helen and I were thrilled to have a great excuse to wear our "little black dresses". Mary Helen did a super job of finding all of the jewelry we wore tonight. She has a knack for that sort of thing! Ken was handsome as ever in his black suit and red bow tie. And, David, let me tell you about David's ensemble.

Ken and I met about 2 months before my high school Senior Prom. When I asked Ken about taking me to my prom, he said he would be honored to do so. He also told me that he had the perfect outfit for a prom event. Remember, Ken was already a junior at Georgia Tech when we met and he was accustomed to attending college formals and parties. I thought surely he meant that he already owned a handsome tux. WRONG!

When Ken showed me what he was planning to wear to my prom, I had to nix the idea that we would be attending. All of my HIGH SCHOOL guy friends were wearing traditional, normal tuxedos...at that time, I was NOT willing to be seen with a guy in a RED, Smokin' Jacket that had been purchased at a vintage clothing store. OK, OK, now that I look back on it, I am sorry that I allowed that jacket to keep me from my memorable evening. But, hey, I cared too much about what my peers would be thinking about my older date in a goofy red coat.

On Thursday afternoon, David and I went shopping for him some new threads to wear to the Gala. We successfully found him new pants, shirt, and tie. But we did not find a dress jacket for him to wear. Once we got home, Mary Helen decided to look through Ken's closet and see if there were any of Ken's jackets that might fit David. I was in another part of the room when I heard her exclaim, "David! Come here! Let's see if this fits you! It's great!"

Next thing I know, David and Mary Helen are certain that they've found the perfect jacket for David to wear to the Gala...and the jacket they found was NONE OTHER than the red smokin' jacket. It actually looked very handsome on David. Mary Helen carried a red purse to help them look coordinated.

We had a lovely evening and are thankful for Steven's generosity in inviting us!

Mary Helen and I are now looking for another venue to which we can wear our "little black dresses"....any suggestions?? Posted by Picasa