Saturday, July 14, 2007

Camp Winshape

Hey guys, I just got back from camp with David and Josiah. It was a blast! This year David went for two sessions and was "tapped out" twice for the Little Chief test. What this means is he was chosen to take a test that if accomplished, it is a great Honor. Only 117 guys have ever made it. I was in my first year in SR camp and I was able to do the low and high ropes (which are amazing). Josiah has reached the rank of Warrior, which is the highest rank an Apache can get. Saturday, Josiah turned 10. "It feels weird!" he said. Next year I will be eligible to take the Little Chief test.Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

My brothers are the best in the world

Barb Hurst-Cushing said...
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Barb Hurst-Cushing said...

Hi Brother Noah,

It is good to hear about your summer activities. It reminds me of when I was about 9 to 10 years old and had an Indian chief head sculpture made of plaster. He was wearing a full war bonnet headdress. I painted each feather a different bright color and my chief's face had "war paint" stripes on each cheek. My mom still had that thing when I was thirty and I may now have it packed away in a box. So, save something from these good times so that when you’re an old guy like, like, like, (well not me!), like ??? Well anyway, so that you will be able to share it and tell stories about it with those young people that are then in your life!

If you would, please share the following few words with your dad.

It was very nice of your family and the church to think of us during the time a few months back when I lost the really old guy that was very special and important in my life (my dad). Your reaching out to us will not be forgotten. The plant that was sent, trimmed with a bow of pure white, still graces our dining area where my father spent many hours watching the wild birds that feed outside the window. For your caring deeds, prayers, and best thoughts, I thank all of you!


Brother Norm, sister Barb, and brother Cody